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Happy Rainbow Named Daruma 30cm [For business]

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Gradation Daruma is the only Daimonya in the industry, but the technical growth of craftsmen has not stopped.
Happy rainbow daruma with the effort, time, love and the best technology using seven colors of gradation.
Happiness in your heart, always happy rainbow in your heart☆
It is a special gem! !

◉ For companies and stores ◉

You can write the company name and store name on your stomach.

You can write the name of the company by making an abbreviation such as "Corporation → ((Y)" (Y) ".

(Input field below "Add to Cart"Please instruct)

◎ You can also choose the four -character idioms next to your face.

* If you wish to use the characters in the selection item, please contact us from the inquiry form or telephone.

 ◎ All characters in name are handwritten.

* Depending on the size, there is a limit on the number of characters that can be hungry.

* Depending on the number of characters, the craftsman may judge and write it in two lines.

[If you have any characters on your back, names to special daruma, or questions, please feel free to contact us. ]

~ Shipping guidance-

  • Depending on the size of his daruma you buypostageIs different.