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Legal notice


Daimon Sho Co., Ltd.

Managerial manager

Nakata Junichi


〒 370-0875 Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 124-2

telephone number


email address

Necessary rates other than the product price

"Delivery charges" at the time of purchase by cash on delivery will be borne by the customer.

Application expiration date

In principle, sales order confirmation (automatic send mail transmission for order confirmation) is 5 days.

It is invalid for orders over 5 days.


Products are paying a perfect attention, but with regard to corruption or character incorrect errors and writing errors within 7 days from the product arrival date, we will respond by replacement or repair.

Sales volume

There is no particular specification.

Time of delivery

Products ordered will be delivered in principle 7 days in Yamato Transport.

(This is not the case for overseas delivery.)

We will notify you by email if shipping is delayed due to product inventory, non-weather conditions, and delivery suppliers.

In addition, the shipping date is made as follows by payment method.

Cash on delivery · · · After order confirmation, shipping procedure

* Saturday, Sunday, we have a rest for shipping work.

Payment method

Cash on delivery (post-payment)

Various credit cards

Payment deadline

※ If it exceeds 5 days, it will be treated as cancellation. Please order again.

Cash on delivery · · · When delivering the product, please pay the Yamato Transmitter.

Return deadline

In the case of initial defects and shipping goods mistakes, we will accept within 7 days from the product arrival date.

Return shipping

We will respond with our store cash on delivery only in the case of initial defects and shipping goods mistakes