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Sakura Daruma 2024 ~ kotoiro

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  [Completely sold from March to the end of May! ]

[Size] Approximately 12cm

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(Bean tatami is sold separately)


This year's cherry blossom daruma is
We have designed "Adult Spring" on the theme of sophisticated and calm, with a new shade that sets it apart.

The calm colors of this daruma represent the good traditions of Japan and the spaces such as temples and shrines full of silence.
The vivid cherry blossoms drawn one by one have the wish of cherishing the time to love the cherry blossoms slowly under the warm spring sunshine.

This year's cherry blossoms, Koto Iro, have been finished in a special gem with the traditional beauty and calm spring of Japan.

Please welcome your memories of spring that will remain in your heart, not only for your home, but also as a gift for your loved ones.