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Amabier Daruma Pink (12cm · 17cm)

Original price ¥2,200 - Original price ¥3,850
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¥2,200 - ¥3,850
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[Size] about 12 cm high17 cm  

※ You can put a letter in the back.
A 12 cm Amabier Daruma will be a 3-character writing.

17cm Amabie Daruma will be 4 characters.

(Please give instructions in the Cart Remarks column)

Amabie Daruma during popular explosion

Amabie who made the motif of the epidemic of Amabi of the epidemic in the Pathopsytrins.
In the Omen shop, it is refreshing with turquoise blue.
Pink purple and hairy hair is also expressed overall.

~ Guidance of shipping costs-

  • Depending on his size of his herself to buypostageIs different.