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Amabie Daruma Spring ~ Strawberry Milk ~

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 [Completely sold from March to the end of May! ]

[Size] Approximately 12cm

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(Bean tatami is sold separately)


It became the 5th generation trademark of Daimonya"Amabier Daruma".
He brought many connections with customers to Daimonya.

I received a request as a trademark of Daimonya instead of Amabier Daruma.
The fifth generation is considering the limited design of the four seasons.

~ Strawberry Milk ~
Amabier Daruma is not until Takasaki Duru, so it is full of cuteness and charming.
Milled in the cheerleader color, the cute pink color with milky.

Cute Curculu's eyes are also made of cute red tea.
Frequency is a strawberryFlutteringandSeed coloryou know.

This is the only story here that Ichigomiluku was the fourth president proposal that opposed Amabier.
A warm spring is also visiting Daimonya.