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AMABIE & Owl Daruma: Happy Ensatisfaction Set

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[Size] about 12 cm high

*The name is written down to three characters only on the back of the Amabie.
(Please indicate your name in the Notes section.)

Owl Daruma Amabie Daruma
This is a set of two postcards that have been prayed for.
(The tatami mat is sold separately.)


The most popular, big, big, push-down set

Amabiye Daruma doll
recently fashionated due to the outbreak of disease
I've been a motif for Mr. Amabier.
Daimonya no Amabie
Soully in the turquoise blue.
I have a pink-purple hair and a full expression of my hair.

Fuckoo's Fuckoo-Daruma doll
trouble (as without hardship)
Fukurai (Fukurai) (Fukurai)
Fukuro (a year of happiness)
Because of the night-row, the watchfulness of the night, and the good prospects.
It is also referred to as a symbol.

in addition
Training of Koyasan Shingon sect Enpuku-ji Temple
It has two tablets of happiness and magnate prayers.

(The Tatami mat is sold separately.)