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AMABIE & Owl Daruma: Happy Ensatisfaction Set

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[Size] Approximately 12cm

* Only Amabier will write up to 3 characters on the back.
The owls cannot be put on the back.

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Owls, Amabier Daruma /
This is a set of two prayers.

(During the recommended size of bean tatami mats)
(Bean tatami is sold separately)


The most popular, Daimonya Ichi -cho set

renewal! !

◉ Amabier Daruma ◉
Recently trendy due to pathectomy
Amabier was the motif.
Daimonya's Amabier
Refreshing with turquoise blue.
The pink purple and graceful hair is generally expressed.

◉ Owl Daruma ◉
Introduction (so that there is no hardship)
Fukuri (Fuku is coming)
Fukuro (older in happiness)
Because it is nocturnal and has a good night, the outlook is good
It is also said to be a symbol.

Koyasan Shingon sect Enfukuji supervised
Happiness circle full -prayer prayer with two postcards.

(Mame tatami is sold separately)