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Seasonal Daruma 2024 Summer -Summer Night Hana (Kaya No Hana)

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[Size] Approximately 12cm

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(Bean tatami is sold separately)


A special daruma "Summer Night Flower", which is delivered by Daimonya, has appeared!
"Summer Night Flowers" features a gorgeous design that incorporates two contrasting motifs that symbolize Japan's summer.

Until a deep navy, the summer night sky was expressed, and a bright fireworks and sunflower were drawn on it.

The fireworks that shine in the background of the navy are like a rainbow that blooms on the summer night.

Sunflower is a symbol of summer and is a flower full of vitality and energy.
The scenery that the sunflower that blooms in the daytime blooms at night, I was able to express a fantastic contrast with the night sky.

A special daruma with vivid fireworks and sunflowers in the summer night sky.
thisFeel the beauty and fun of Japan in "Summer Night Flowers"!