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Painting experience kit

Original price ¥4,280 - Original price ¥4,280
Original price
¥4,280 - ¥4,280
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It is a kit that you can experience the picture withdrawal experience of the Daimon shop at home.

Please choose two colors of your favorite color.

【Color】 Fortune (red)

Fortune (Sakura Gradation)

Gold (red)

Gold (black)


Come true(Blue)

Come true (Navy)

Come true(Green)

Come true(Purple)

Come true(pink)

Come true(Magenta Pink)

Come true(heart character)

Come true (yellow character on black)

Come true (pink character on the black)

[Size] about 9 cm high
※ This product can not "let the letter"


~ Guidance of shipping costs-

  • Depending on the size of the sagging you purchasepostageIs different.